25 March

Video: Bud, Red, Two Dogs On Opposite Ends Of Life

by Jon Katz

It was a gorgeous almost Spring day this morning, a clear and sunny sky, still chilly. I took a video of two dogs on opposite ends of life. I told Red to do an outrun or two, the vet says he needs to exercise when he can for short bursts. He did very well.

Out in the far pasture was Bud, in hot pursuit of a field mouse. I used the whistle to see if he would respond, and he did, although reluctantly. Two dogs at different places in their lives,  each fun and beautiful to watch in different ways.

I think our farm is a good place to be a dog.


  1. I LOVE how you don’t just tell your dogs they are good when they fulfill your commands, but you THANK them! That is so wonderful.

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