13 July

“Awakening:” A Teacher Paints For Her Students: On Sale

by Jon Katz

This painting is sold, thanks.

There is a rich and beautiful story behind this painting, which is aptly titled “Awakening.” It was painted over the weekend by Sue Silverstein, the art teacher at the Bishop Maginn High School in Albany, N.Y.

I’m selling it for $150. All of the money will go to Bishop Maginn, she is painting again – an awakening – for  several reasons, one big one is to support the school, This is her first painting in a long time, it’s a big deal for her and her work.

Sue has been encouraging the talented young refugee artists in her class to paint, and they are heeding her call, they have been selling their works here on the blog.

The kids are always asking Sue why she hasn’t brought her own work in, why she stopped painting 20 years ago, when her work was selling in galleries all over the Northeast.

She stopped painting after a personal tragedy, and started again because she wanted to inspire her students and, as she put it, “put my money where my mouth is.”  As the title suggests, painting is something of an awakening, or rebirth, for her and her art.

I am very happy to see it. I give the Army Of Good some credit, our work on behalf of these gifted young people stirred things up at the school,  one reason Sue went back to  her brushes. The school is brightly lit by the Creative Spark.

Sue works in watercolor and colored pencil, that is how she painted “Awakening.”

She told me she wanted her students to see that art is important to her, and that she hasn’t given up on her art as she encourages them to continue to work on theirs.

She urges them to put their work out there all the time, she knew she had to do it herself.

I admire Sue very much, she is an inspiration and a friend, she has helped the refugee students in her care in every imaginable way. She is an anchor for them as they heal from the always traumatic refugee experience, and  struggle to build their lives in America.

She is the kind of teacher I wished I had and that former students talk about when they speak of teachers who changed their lives.

Sue’s work will also be hung in the common rooms and bedrooms at the new Mansion Memory Care Center.

I am very proud to offer this work for sale. It is worth a great deal more than I am charging, but Sue wants to help the school in any way she can. I’m asking $150 for “Awakening,”plus $6 shipping.  If you’re interested please contact me, [email protected].

As I said, all proceeds — all – will go to Bishop Maginn High School.


    1. Rose, as I wrote in the post, you have to e-mail me jon@bedlamfarm to buy it, I’m sorry but the painting was sold right away last night. Sue will be selling more of her paintings, but its first come first serve and the only way to buy one is to e-mail me, thanks.I’m not on Facebook all day, or even that often..

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