13 July

Burt: Granddaughter’s Birthday Party

by Jon Katz

When I pulled up at the Mansion today, I was surprised to see Burt, all dressed up, sitting on the chairs, smoking a cigarette, waiting to be picked up.

“What’s up,” I asked. I don’t know Burt too well yet, I got her some Large Print Word Search books, and I love taking her picture, her face has so much character.

She doesn’t ask for much. But we’re starting to get to know each other.

“I’m going to my granddaughter’s birthday party,” she said.

“How old is she?,” I asked.

“She’s 44,” Burt said, “can you believe it?”

Burt seems especially intuitive to me, she has the ability to step back and look at where she is, she has a wry and piercing sense of humor, my camera loves her face, I think it has many stories to tell.

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