14 August

Good Morning To Red. Heading To Albany

by Jon Katz

I’m glad Red is buried behind the Pole Barn in the pasture, I say good morning to him every morning, I don’t say much. He and I were kind of beyond words. It’s a good spot for him, I feel he is close.

A good day yesterday, Ann, a member of the Army Of Good and a prized letter writer, is donating $1,000 to Bishop Maginn for a keyboard that Judi Merriam, the new choir director, can use to teach the choir. She even has an accompaniest working for free.

Thanks, Ann. The choir will sing out the song of this special school.

The next project is a Wish List to beef up security for the school,  sadly, refugees students are seen to need protection from their fellow citizens. They need some ladders and emergency kids, details to come.

I’m meeting with a young public school valedictorian who needs to go to Bishop Maginn. His family has no money for tuition, we’ll see if we can help.

I’m buying some artboards and easels for Sue Silverstein and her art class and bringing books to the Silverstein Art Brigade. I’ll be in touch.


  1. I was thinking of you, Maria and Red when I read this yesterday from the Tao Te Ching, and this photo made me recall it again: “Use your own light/and return to the source of light/this is called practicing eternity.” Peace to you and your family. I know you have so many who have held you in their thoughts as I have.

  2. I think that Red would approve of where he is buried could not be a better place of rest for him. I lost my Pug age 16 years last December and each morning and evening
    I kiss the photo of him which is on my phone , I feel that he knows this and that his spirit will always be with me , just like Red will always be with you .

  3. Do you have easy access to a Michaels? If not it’s easy to order online from them. Big sale right now on art supplies.

  4. Oh no. Red died while I was on vacation. This makes me very sad, as I loved Red. I have photos of him and will never forget that precious boy.

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