30 September

Yarn Day

by Jon Katz

Today is Yarn Day, a big day in the Bedlam Farm Calendar. Maria has 96 skeins of yarn in nine different colors – there are also four natural skeins of Zelda’s, her last – for sale for $27 each plus shipping ($5 for one skein, plus 50 cents for each skein after that).

The yarn is up for sale this morning on Maria’s Etsy Shop. If you prefer to pay by check, e-mail her: [email protected].

I got the sheep originally so I could learn how to herd sheep with the dog. With the death of Red, I think I need to make a firmer turn towards therapy work as my focus with dogs.

By December, I hope to have two therapy dogs in training, Fate, and Zinnia. I don’t think Red is really replaceable when it comes to working with the sheep, I don’t have the heart to try, at least not for now.

Maria’s work with wool and yard are the rationale for having sheep here, and we both love to see them on the farm and work with shearers. So life is about shifts and changes.

Maria started putting her yarn up on Etsy this morning, it will all be up by noon. Again, if you wish to buy then by a check, e-mail her at [email protected].

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