22 November

Crisp Morning, Transition Days

by Jon Katz

November is not my favorite month of the year, up here it’s a transition month, from color to gray, from warm to cold, from Spring and Summer to Winter. It also brings up the holiday season, which is a mixed bag for so many people.

This time of year is a reset. We are ready for winter, but missing the color and the light.

Lots of people don’t have a Hallmark Christmas, it can be a dank and painful time of year. Still, yesterday brought a respite from the rain, a crisp morning, an uplifting sunset, a think coat of snow.

I am beginning to think of Thanksgiving, and what it means to me. Several years ago, I promised myself that I would not go shopping during the holiday season, I didn’t want the holidays to be about that for me.

So far so good. Yesterday I plunged right back into the photo nightmare, I purchased an expensive photo editing process that I can’t upload or install and can’t use. Sigh..here we go again. Tech support is by e-mail only and in no way helpful. There are lessons here.


  1. November is also one of my least favorite months. It’s not fall, it’s not winter. I feel the same way about the end of March and early April. Not winter, not spring. The holidays are looming, I don’t love them, and I often have to work. There is always drama with the work schedule, which takes a lot out of the holidays. Missing friends and family because of work is really difficult. I’m always happy when they are over.
    Wondering what processing software you decided on. I hope you can work it out. Tech support by email only? Frustrating to say the least.

  2. I do a lot of photo processing, but not with Mac products. If I can help you, however, I will. What program are you trying to install? Usually there are blogs and user groups you can join for all major programs where other users of the particular program can advise you or walk you through the problem. You just have to google to find them, look through them to see if your problem was already brought up and answered, and if not post your problem and ask if anyone has an answer. I would try those first.

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