3 December

Video: Nothing Is Happier Than Zinnia After A Snowstorm

by Jon Katz

We’ve been shoveling snow for a day or so now,  and when it finally stopped – 18 inches – I let Zinnia out to keep me company while Maria and I shoveled and cleaned off the cars.

It is a joy to see a happy puppy like Zinnia romp in the snow and slide up and down the basement stairs. She is going to love the winters up here, as we so, despite the challenges.

I took a vow to never complain about the weather, and Zinnia doesn’t need a vow. Start your day with a smile, Zinnia is irresistible. Joy is joy, and what a gift that is to all of us.


  1. It won’t be long before Zinnia won’t need shovelled pathways. She’ll plough through the snow like a locomotive and make her own trails. Dogs in fresh snow – a guaranteed smile maker!

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