14 February

Hissing Together On Valentine’s Day. Penguin To Come…

by Jon Katz

My wife was not like the other children and is not like the other wives. She said it was the best Valentine’s Day present she has ever gotten. Her Digital Cockroach Certificate from the Bronx Zoo arrived on schedule, and she was thrilled.

It said I had named a Hissing Cockroach from Madagascar “Jackie” in her honor, and it had a note which said “Here’s To Hissing Together…”, which was from me. It cost $15.

She was beyond joy when she got the e-mail.

She, in turn, bought me 30 minutes of face time with a real Penguin in the Zoo early in March.  It is surely the most original Valentine’s Day gift I ever got.

I found a neat hotel for us to stay in that night, we will extend our Valentine’s Day celebration to the Penguin meet.

I never expected to have face time with a Penguin in a private room at a zoo, and Maria never expected to name a Hissing Cockroach from Madagascar.

Somehow it just feels right.

This holiday, at least, is about love, and I wish every person reading this love, peace, and compassion in their lives. Love is good, so much better than the alternative, and I am so lucky to have found some.

Hiss to you all. Happy Valentine’s Day.


  1. My husband and I give gifts like that to each other. When I was in college I told him that all I wanted for Christmas was new tires for my car. The young students asked me what I got for Christmas and when I told them they thought it was terrible. True love😀

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