21 March

The Corona Rainbow Connection: The Other Side

by Jon Katz

A new coronavirus-related movement has sprung up in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood and Brooklyn, NY.

This was begun by children who miss their friends and schools and are making painting rainbows to mark their homes and going on scavenger hunts and online to see the friends they are missing.

This new movement – some are calling it corona rainbow art –  or the corona rainbow connection,  has sprung up out of the school closures but it could easily apply to all of us, and especially the elderly and sick confined to nursing homes, hospitals, their own houses and apartments, and nursing homes.

Maria and I are hopping aboard, tomorrow we’re making rainbow quilt or poster together and we’ll bring it to the Mansion on Monday for our 11 a.m. appearance with Zinnia outside the Mansion window.

I’ve also talked with Sue Silverstein from Bishop Maginn High School about partnering up with her art class to make some creative rainbows – they miss their friend and their school also.

Rainbow maps are popping up all over Google and YouTube as creative children reach out to their friends to reassure them that they are not forgotten and are not alone.

The idea is to hang drawings and paintings of rainbows in windows or post them to YouTube or social media online.

It’s a grossly overused cliche, but still true (as most cliches are), we are all in this together, and the rainbow is the perfect symbol for the Age Of Corona – there is always another side.

It seems to me this brilliant idea could also apply to anyone who is disconnected from work or friends right now, and who would like to reach out to them in some way, virtually or by walking or driving by.

Stay tuned, we plan on having a rainbow tomorrow. It is always better to do good than arguing or worrying about what good is.

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