18 May

Opening Day Walk: Selfie For An OMAR And His Peeps

by Jon Katz

I like driving to the woods in Maria’s car (I can’t let both dogs in the back of my new car yet, getting closer). I get to take a selfie with two of my peeps, Fate, and Zinnia.

Fate was uncharacteristically tired and rested her head on my shoulder, Zinnia was her most cheerful self. Today is Opening Day in Washington County, N.Y., no new cases and nobody in the hospital.

A lot of people will be happy about getting back to work. I am eager to sit down in Jean’s Place to eat, Maria would like to wait a while. I think restaurants are still a week off.

I appreciate our governor, Andrew Cuomo, he taught me what a leader is and what a leader isn’t. I wish he could give a press conference every day, he helped me to understand the whirlwind we were in and stayed sane and honest through, and even very human.

I’m sure all the vultures and left-right ghouls will start pecking at him now, but I will always be grateful to him. I get the sense we are not out of the woods yet as a country but we are going to get a breather.

Yes, I am still an OMAR, but not as much of an OMAR as I was a month ago.

I still can’t go to the Mansion or meet with the Bishop Maginn kids, but I am doing my work, loving my life and my work,  grateful to be me, here with Maria and my pals.

We will all be sorting through this for a long time. I hope I can help in some way.



  1. Restaurants are WAY more than “a week off.” Your county is only in Phase One of reopening. Restaurants won’t be able to begin to reopen until Phase Four, and there have to be at least two weeks between each phase. There are at least six weeks until you’ll see restaurants open in a very limited capacity, probably longer.

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