11 October

Family Portrait, The Woods

by Jon Katz

I call this a family portrait, because Maria and I have no family close by, and in one sense, the dogs are our family. I went for two walks today, one on my hill in the morning, one out in the deep woods in the afternoon.

Maria and I walked alone in the morning, the dogs came in the afternoon. I am really overjoyed to be able to walk in these beautiful woods again without feeling pain or gasping for breath.

I am a very lucky man. The dogs have learned to love posing for photographs, I just yell “photoshoot” and they both do their calendar poses. How lucky I am to have a family like this around me.


  1. Great photo! Those woods are absolutely gorgeous! I can just imagine the aroma of Fall there on that walk! Julie Beck

  2. You appear to be a good man, with a good wife, with good dogs. Congratulations. You are to be envied. (Although I know that you have worked hard to earn your life, and it is not luck.)

  3. Love this portrait of your family, and all the pictures of your fall foliage are so beautiful. The leaves here in Georgia are never this beautiful. I miss our trips to the mountains of North Carolina I used to take with my Don, but life changes. It’s always a blessing to see your pictures of your fall foliage. Thank you for sharing.

  4. You are indeed lucky to be walking in your woods with the woman you love. Enjoy your walks until the winter weather makes it too miserable to go. I’m glad to hear you are feeling so much b etter.

  5. Jon, you are one lucky man. And we are lucky to be able to enjoy your happiness via this terrific blog.
    Thank you and Maria for sharing.

  6. The jury is not out on you Jon.
    Its a most fortunate time for you and your family. Notice the joy your blog and community work brings to others.
    Let the good times roll!

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