20 November

Scott Settles In

by Jon Katz

We named the new lamb Scott yesterday, in honor of Janet Hamilton’s friend and partner Scott, who died suddenly two days ago. Janet said she thought Scott would like that.

More than 200 people responded to Maria’s request for name suggestions, and we are still going to go over all of them and pick some winners – probably on our podcast this weekend.

Scott is a Bedlam Farm animal, easy-going, friendly. He and Maria are already into major bonding, and Scott seems fond of Zinnia as well.

We love having three lambs and a new mom here. Scott is wether, Liam seems to like having another guy to hang around with.

Maria joined the sheep this morning for their daily breakfast chat.


  1. The good shepherd tending her flock … you can see the trust they have in Maria and the affection she feels for them. Lovely photo!

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