25 March

Robin’s Week

by Jon Katz

Robin has had an excellent week. He is bigger, stronger, active, and curious.

His mother is very food-focused, but she is also patient with him. Robin’s tail has been banded and the vet is coming on Friday to band his testicles.

The banding takes longer but is less bloody and painful than the heated shears I used to use. The vet is coming on Friday to give the sheep their rabies shots and band Robin to castrate him.

Once neutered, and with his tail gone, we’ll let Robin and Laurie out of their stall and into the world. The donkeys know him and the wethers will probably push him around a bit, but that’s life on the farm.

He’s just about ready for the wider world. He’s going to make a good portrait subject.

He’s beginning to nibble on hay and is curious about Maria and me He doesn’t need much encouragement to look straight into the camera.


  1. I hadn’t thought about this until you mentioned it in an earlier post about Robin. Do the donkeys as well as the sheep need to get a rabies shot and if so how often? I’m curious because I’ve never heard it talked about before.
    BTW, Robin is adorable-and I think he’s beginning to realize it.

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