13 April

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 14, 2PM EDT: “Katz On Dogs” On WBTNAM.org Streamed Everywhere

by Jon Katz

A reminder that Katz on Dogs 2.0 is on the air at 2 p.m. Wednesday. I’m looking forward to your calls – 802 442-1010 – or your e-mailed questions: [email protected] – or your plain old listening – WBTNAM.org click on LIVE at the top of the website page.

The calls are tool-free and you can listen from just about anywhere in the world. We have a listener in France, one in Rome, and others scattered all over the country.

The program means to offer an intelligent and useful dialogue about dogs, cats, and other animals. Maria Wulf, my wife and partner on Bedlam Farm, and I open the show with a discussion about animals and our lives with them.

Tracy Snell of Our Best Friends rescue will come on in the second half to talk about a worthy dog in need of a  home. Hopefully, dog and animal lovers will fill the spaces in between with their questions, cries for help, stories, and ideas.

“Katz On Dogs” is a safe zone, no hostility or cruelty permitted. We are all in this together. The show is for the love of animals and in support of Community Radion, in danger of being corporatized and swallowed up all over the country.

So please call, stream, e-mail, or just listen. The show only works if I heard from you, this is a dialogue, not a monologue.

The call-in number is 802 442-1010; the live stream can be heard here,  the e-mail address at which you can send me your questions anytime is [email protected].

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