20 July

Creative Mayhem: Gelli Prints: Maria and Emily Conspire To Create Their Own Amazing Art In The Schoolhouse Studio

by Jon Katz

I’m not sure two people can have more fun than Maria and her friend, the artist, and baker Emily Gold, in the schoolhouse studio.

They were like two kids in art glass told by the teacher to grab all the paint and go to town; I could hear them laughing and excited all the way into the farmhouse.

Emily thought Maria was a little down last week (which was true), so she came up with the idea of coming over to the farm from Vermont and spending the day with Maria learning a new kind of collage/art called Gelli Prints.

They can definitely be used on fabrics.

In less than an hour, they had the floor covered with colorful abstract prints. I decided to make lunch for the two of them because they were having so much fun, and I couldn’t stand to see it interrupted by their having to cook a meal.

So I got four ears of fresh corn and made one of my cauliflower pizzas with our kale, basil, and red pepper,  fresh mozzarella cheese.

These two are wonderful friends, two creative spirits committed to supporting each other. They constantly inspire each other and fill the sometimes lonely void of the artist’s life.

Maria and I do many things for each other, but I can’t do what Emily and Maria do. It is a beautiful thing to see.

I loved their work, but rather than explain it, I took a video to see for myself and share.

I predict that Gelli prints are soon coming to Maria’s art; they are really quite original. Emily hauled all of her paints and print forms over.

It was a gift to see these two very talented artists coming together in this creative burst in this way.

Emily is one of the most diverse and creative artists I’ve ever met; you can check out her blog to see what she makes and the things she sells. She is on a tear.

She is the creator of the wonderful “Appreciation Cards” I sent out to donors for the Army Of  Good as long as they last.

Come and take a look. The world beyond us can be disturbing, but we can find joy within ourselves, as these two did today.

Life is what we make of it; I never speak poorly of my life.


  1. This was so beautiful to see. It inspired me to get my gelli plates back out again. I also recently heard this quote:
    In a time of destruction, create something. -Maxine Hong Kingston

  2. Wow, that is so cool! Thank you for showing us this. Never heard of gelli printing. I would have loved this when I was taking art classes back in the day.

  3. Wonderful video…I am fascinated with printmaking of any kind, and now you have me interested in trying gelli prints!

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