15 September

The Mansion: Claudia’s New Wrist Watch. We’re Working Our Way Through The List

by Jon Katz

Claudia’s wristwatch broke on her, and one thing I’ve learned about the Mansion residents is that time is important to them. We are rapidly working our way down the list of things requested and needed. The gentlemen have their caps, I–has clothes and toiletries, Fred has his TV and shaving soap and brushes.

I’m working on Halloween decorations for the Mansion (20 plastic pumpkins for an inside display), a catered lunch, dolls, and clothes for the Memory Care Unit, Peggie got 20 500 piece puzzles on sale, we placed mums in the Mansion front, and Sharon got her English-Spanish electronic translator.

Thanks so much for your help in bringing smiles and comfort and stimulation to people on the edge of life. We are making a huge difference and it feels wonderful to see it.

I spent the day at Bishop Maginn High School and it was a joy to see it so full of new students, there was a feeling of excitement and joy. One thing the pandemic has done for these kids, they really missed school.

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