25 February

Robin In The Barn. He’s Yearning For Grass. Thanks For Advice That I Needed To Hear

by Jon Katz

Robin has had enough of snow.

It’s still snowing here, and the snow began at around 2 a.m. Another storm that doesn’t know when to quit.

It ate my snowblower and wore out my legs. Maria can hardly stay awake.

I did everything older men like me with a troubled ticker shouldn’t do, and it felt good if tiring.

When I looked into Robin’s eyes, I thought I saw a plea for fresh grass and open fields.

The Pole Barn is dry and safe, but it is not generally where sheep and donkeys want to be for days on end.

I’m getting stronger and healthier, precisely the opposite of where I was supposed to be going. I love it when that happens.

An early bedtime tonight for sure.

The cars are all brushed off and ready to go, and we’ve dug out all the paths we need to get around. I’m counting on the weather people to be telling the truth about the snow ending around 8 p.m because they weren’t close about anything else.

I want to thank all of my good blog friends who beat me up for posting some of the nasty messages I get and arguing with the broken people who send them.

You are correct, and I hear you and accept what you are saying, much as I am not a fan of advice. But sometimes the guidance is good, and sometimes I listen and take it.

This is a problem for me; it goes way back to my endless troubles with my parents and family; I had to fight for my existence just about every day of my life. Yes, I am too sensitive and thin-skinned at times (and sometimes. as Maria says, I have the hide of a dinosaur).

Where I grew up, you fought back or perished. An old  habit that needs to die.

I get it, and I am working on it; I don’t t think I need any help, but I will get it from a professional if I do.

Maria entirely agrees that I should not post these messages and respond to them. As one reader wrote, “it just feeds the beast.”

Thank you for thinking of me and trusting me to try to be a better human and knowing this is what I aspire to be. It’s been a long road for me, but I’ll never quit on it.


  1. Dear Jon and Maria,
    My husband and partner of 40 years died December 29, 2021. I’ve been a follower of your blogs for quite some time. When Robin was found in that cold field, my husband and I felt awe that he was discovered and lived. My husband started calling him Robbie. “How’s Robbie today?”, as I read your blog or Maria’s Monday video in the morning, wishing for news of the foundling. He was dying of cancer and Robin, the ram gave him hope. I bought a Robbie magnet and placed it on his music stand, the new ram that survived. I hope to see him many more years. I hope he sings his life like my husband. And by the way, you are looking good Jon, an inspiration, and also Maria, the dogs, chickens, cats, donkeys, sheep……….love, Claudia

  2. When I hit my fifties a certainty dawned on me — the older I get the more I realize I know nuttin’. There is still so much to learn even after all these years. Funny how when I was young I thought I knew everything. Reminds me of Benjamin Button!

    It takes a brave soul to share so openly, warts and all. When you do that our capacity for learning keeps growing. I very much appreciate that.


  3. I’ve said it before and I am saying it again. Now and then you should print a bit of nastiness received by you so that we readers know that it is not all sweetness and light out in Blogland. How, or if, you reply is not our concern. You are a bit quick off the mark sometimes. It’s understandable and your wish to curb your replies-or not even bother to reply is a good thing on your part and you are noticeably succeeding. All power to you so soldier on. I’m sure that most of us are right behind you.

    1. Good thoughts, Erika, I am thinking about what you said. SOmetimes it is important to show the dark side, but only when can handle it thoughtfully and carefully. I am quick on the draw sometimes, thanks for reminding me.

  4. You should be proud of yourself. You are selfless
    Self motivated
    Self taught
    Self driven
    Self inspired
    And you keep on going!!

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