8 April

Friday Photo Journal. Got Sick, April 8, 2022, Sleeping All Day

by Jon Katz

Halfway through my photo editing lesson with Andrew, I got pretty sick and had to stop the class. I’ve been in bed trying unsuccessfully to keep food down, feeling dizzy and weak.

I decided to go outside with Maria and sit in my Adirondack chair for a while this afternoon; I might as well be sitting out there for a bit in the fresh air.

I did feel like one of those invalids you see in the movies sitting outside of hospitals and nursing homes.

The first photo is a Leica photo of Maria sitting with Fate on oneside and Zinnia on the other. We have loyal dogs. I was in the Adirondack chair.

I took the tripod just in case and my Leica and color camera.

I did all right, considering I only stood up once. After I post this, I’m going back to bed.

I’ll publish the photos without much comment. They speak for themselves.

The woods at dusk is a beautiful place.

When I slept this evening, I had company.

The hens found a couple of worms. More than two looks like. Spring.

Lulu and Fanny, grazing at last.

Laurie and Merricat, Mother and Child.

And good night to you. We’ll see what the morning brings. This is one reason we love our farm so much; sitting in my new Amish-made Adirondack chair, there is a lot of beauty all around me.


  1. Your photo journal is beautiful and thought provoking.I hope you’re feeling better in the morning! Sleep well ?

  2. I love the photo of the forest. It is so beautiful in its ordinariness. So much to see and wonder about. I hope you are feeling better.

  3. may tomorrow brings you healing and energy to enjoy your beautiful farm and delight your readers with more of your beautiful photos …maybe some of Maria’s nutritional soup will have you on the mend

  4. Lovely photos of your life, Jon. I don’t comment very often these days, but I read, and enjoy, your posts immensely. Thank you for sharing. I hope you feel much better in the morning.
    – Deb

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