24 May

Out My Kitchen Window

by Jon Katz

I feel a bit schizophrenic at times. For most of my life, I would have called the police if I’d looked out my kitchen window and seen a donkey grazing peacefully.

Now, from Spring to the first frost in Autumn, I see it almost every day, and sometimes I barely notice it. Other times, like this morning, I blink in surprise at the beauty and peacefulness of it.

Donkeys are slow and tall grazers; they eat from the bottom down and love to pull chunks of grass to chew on.

They are calm and peaceful creatures, making me feel relaxed and friendly to watch them eat softly and calmly.

Donkeys are vigilant, but ours are also quiet and often still. They don’t get excited, even for food. Donkeys are s firm believers in dignity. They never give it away.

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