13 October

Impaired After And Apple-Picking Injury: Two Weeks (At Least) In A Surgical Boot

by Jon Katz

My surgical podiatrist, Dr. Pamely Daly, wasted no time putting me in a surgical boot again and insisted I walk as little as possible for two weeks when she wanted to see me a gain.

The dread boot, powerful anti-biotic, gauze, and bandages.

This is not something I would usually share with the world, but I promised to be open on my blog, so here it is. I did strenuous walking in an apple pasture on Sunday with my granddaughter Robin, twisting one leg and injuring a foot, the same one I hurt before.

Don’t ask. Dr. Daly cleaned up one wound thoroughly – there is no infection, she said, let’s keep it that way. She went to town on the injury.

I’m a diabetic, and even though my feet are fine and full of good circulation and feeling, there are no minor injuries to feet for people with diabetes as far as doctors and podiatric surgeons are concerned.

I trust Dr. Daly and the nurses 100 percent. I’m in good hands. Enough said.

So I’m mostly sidelined.

I can walk short distances on flat ground, but mostly, I need to take it easy as far as walking is concerned. The nurse, who knows me so well by now (I bring Amish cookies every time I come), asked to speak to Maria.

I called her from the surgical room, and the nurse gave all the instructions to her.

“I like her,” the nurse said, “she seems concerned and very competent.”

She is, I responded, “I’ll get my ass kicked if I don’t do what you say.” The nurse cracked up. ‘Great,” she said. Maria recorded the call so there could be no arguments about my instructions. She’s getting canny.


And I did get my ass kicked, went out into the yarn to throw a ball for Zinnia, and the boot got caught in some brush and leaves, and  I toppled over and had to call Maria on the cell phone to come out get the bootstrapped up again.

Maria had come out of her studio to caution me against going out into the pasture with Zinnia to throw a ball. We had a good talk and reached an understanding.

I’m not even sure how this injury happened. Life is full of crisis and mystery. It’s excellent for writing and meditating when somebody tells me to take it easy on going out. It’s a license to kill…

Tomorrow, I will get the new booster/vaccine for Covid and its variants. It’s a very short distance from the car to the pharmacy.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! Praying for a smooth, uncomplicated recovery. Take care of yourself and you’ll be back to your active, normal self soon!

  2. I hope your foot heals well, in the mean time plenty of good books to read while you mend. I’m glad Maria keeps you in line during the process. Sending healing prayers to you!

    1. Thanks Josie, my first apple-picking injury..I appreciate the good thoughts..more time to write, and I’ll get to Bishop Gibbons and the Mansion..

  3. Jon you must frame this picture of Maria and put it somewhere in your house! “It is so Maria” the creative artist , in her studio , with a cup of Tea

  4. Oh no,
    I just got one myself on Monday, for a stress fracture in my right ankle, so I know what you mean by the dreaded surgical boot. I found a product online called EVENUP for my other foot which helps make my legs even and walking a little easier. Life and aging do come with their challenges.

  5. I’m getting my booster (and flu shot) tomorrow too. Let’s hope we’re not down for the count on Sunday. I hope your injuries heal quickly.

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