15 November

Snow Falling, The First Storm

by Jon Katz

The weather people are talking about one to five inches; I’m thinking of one to four inches and wet ones. We’ll see. It doesn’t feel like a big storm to me, but it shows signs of being messy.

I went out with my Leica 2 and the Iphone to see if I could capture the feeling of the first hours of the storm. Come and see. It was an experiment; I’m trying to figure out how to catch winter. This is a chance to learn and play around.


I thought the lights on the barn gave me the best chance of capturing the snow.


I liked the feeling of the snow falling in the safety light on the barn.

I learned a lot about exposure last night. I like these photos, but they weren’t great pictures. I was disappointed. They were exciting and fun, celebrating the first snow of the season, however squishy it will be.


  1. Hey Jon: some very lovely shots of the snowfall !!! Somehow capturing snow in the evening makes one want to whisper and brings back memories of growing up in Illinois. Many thanks.

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