22 November

Photo Journal, November 22, 2020: Walk-A-Bout, Soft Landscapes At Dusk

by Jon Katz

I had an appointment with our chiropractor Nancy Burns this afternoon, and I couldn’t get soft landscapes out of my mind. I stopped a half dozen times on the way back home. Day three of our window, peaceable days quieter, sweet.

I won’t stop taking photos, but I work a little less daily. Hopefully, Thursday and Friday will be down to pictures and some good wishes. This is our time of Gratitude and Peacefulness.

The Leica can take wonderfully soft pictures, and I’m experimenting with using them to capture the feeling of landscapes, something I haven’t used my Leica 2 for. So I did a Ride-A-Bout.

Tonight, we’re eating in, as we will be for the rest of the week.

Tonight, Shrimp and Saag sauce, with rice. I’ve been tasked with putting together our Thanksgiving dinner – lobster tail, fish cakes,Farro grain, squash and crispy kale. Maria’s in charge of dessert if she wants one. We’ve got some neat wine also.

It was warmer than yesterday today; we let the barn cats out of the basement; they wanted to come back in tonight.

I think Flo and Minnie are done with being cold; they love their heated cat house in the basement. Maria, the farm mom,  argued for keeping them outside, she said it was good for them, but I argued from the vantage point of the older person; they want to be warm. Flo and Minnie don’t do much but sleep anymore; they might as well be warm.

Ultimately, she agreed.



I love the sunlight in the woods behind the farm at dusk. I usually miss the light by a few minutes, but I caught it today.


I love to photograph this old Red Barn; I expect it will be knocked down any day. I decided to try it in infrared mode; the barn’s character stands out.



Our small village has a neat downtown, if I could call it that. This is Main Street, the heart of the town. You can see the Victorian impact on the town in these buildings.

I like the softness and feel of the Leica 2 landscapes. I’ve been photographing the yellow barns for some time now, but I’m learning a lot from these new landscapes. I took the yellow barn into Lightroom (the family barn at the top) to get the soft and soothing feeling of these photos.

A whole new avenue for me to explore as I move from flower photos to Autumn and, soon, to Winter.



  1. Sunday, the cats prayed.
    Bedlam Farm gods heard. They’re now together warm and happy in the basement. As you get old, you need warmer (unless you’re some crazy guy who runs naked outside in the cold). Maria is just a youngster. She doesn’t know old.
    But even cats seem to understand the need for Sunday prayer to stop having tohuddle in the outside autumn cold.

      1. Jon, you take some amazing photos. I will continue to enjoy them for as long as you post them. They are worth the money I donate to you. Thank you.

        1. Thanks Catherine, I will continue to post them as long as you and others enjoy them (and beyond) happy Thanksgiving

  2. Jon, More lovely pictures of Cambridge. I was confused by your reply that you don’t know anyone there. Isn’t the Mansion in Cambridge? Your post office. Once the Round House cafe was popular. The owner called you when his dog was sick. Your vet? Your PA? Your pharmacy?
    Are these in other places?

    I live in a rural area in Texas and the towns are farther apart than NY which may explain it.

    1. Thanks, Ledge; I guess I oversimplified; I do know a lot of people in Cambridge, but not too many ordinary people outside of the people I do business with or the Mansion. I should have been clearer; thanks for the correction. Our farm is outside the town, and besides chores and food, we don’t get in there much. I think that’s clear..Happy holiday Ledge. I add the Diner to that list. You made me think about it.

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