2 December

Attention Donors To The Bishop Gibbons Art Program: See What You Did

by Jon Katz

Sue Silverstein sent me this photo of the new Christmas Tree her art classes made this week; she wanted the donors to the art program to see what has become of so many of their contributions.

Looking at the tree, you’ll see your jewelry, wood, metal objects, and stuffing all represented. She wanted me to thank you on her behalf and have a Merry Christmas.

And I want to thank you on my behalf of me as well. You make this work a joy.

The class is also busy making Christmas toys and presents for needy kids. Old jewelry s stuff, metal objects, and fabrics are welcome: Sue Silverstein,  Bishop Gibbons High School, 2600 Albany Street, Schenectady, N., 12304.

Thank you, you are helping these kids more than you can imagine.


  1. “Oh, Tannerbaum, oh, Christmas tree,
    I like you very much!
    How oft at Christmas time,
    You make me so happy.
    Your dress wants to teach me something!
    Hope and perseverance,
    Gives courage and strength
    at any time.
    Oh, Christmas tree,
    Your dress wants to teach me something.
    (This is the English version of verse #3.)
    And this speaks to the BG kids Christmas tree.)

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