10 February

Blue Sky Waiting For Me, Even In Black And White

by Jon Katz

The sun has just made its appearance, but hours earlier, my blue sky was waiting for me. Maria is sick and I’m trying to get her to rest (good luck with that). Zinnia and I went photo hunting together.

We stopped by to see my new horse friend (more later) and I took a walk with Zinnia up a nearby hilly road, our favorite walking place. I’m going to get my new brace on Monday and hopefull will be able to walk again every morning.

I did well. Zinnia makes a great photo hunting dog.


I think I have whatever Maria caught, not surprise. I’m exhausted and my stomach is acting up. I’m going to lie down for a bit.



  1. I am not a fan of cold weather in this winter season but your beautiful photos of the wintery season remind me every season is worth appreciating in nature’s cycles of seasonal changes. I hope you and Maria recover quickly from your illness; take care .

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