11 March

Willa Cather Woman: Saturday Scenes In Pictures, Not Words

by Jon Katz

Pigeons have decided to take over our barn and drive the sparrows out. They have also decided to make a mess.

We have nothing against pigeons but don’t want them nesting too close to the hay, as they have started to do. I asked Maria if I should call our handyman Mike Conklin, and she said not; she would get on a latter and clear out the next herself; they are most in the ceiling near the hay.

Maria cleared out the barn, and all kinds of debris were flying everywhere. I know to leave her alone when she is working on projects like this. I went outside every few minutes and asked if I could help. She always sasaido. Here are some images from the subsequent removal.

The pandemic masks come in handy when doing barn work; there is the dust of all kinds all over the place.

The barn has a life all of its own. This Spring, we mean to clean out the junk.


The barn is a perfect nesting place for pigeons in the winter, but it’s not suitable for the hay or the animals. We need to get them out of there.

Willa Cather’s wife has taken this on. Watch out, pigeons. She will not harm you, but she will drive you out.


Pigeons pose well, and they are not afraid of people with cameras.


  1. Wow, Jon. You hit a lot of good topics the last few days. Save that pic, man in hat and cane! Almost intimidating.

    Pigeons. Well, lets just say you guys are a _whole_ lot more civil about the thing than I. Best luck.

    I think the Sabbath is a seriously good important practice. I haven’t heard of any other like it, but I don’t know much about those things. Stillness for a day. Or is something like games, recreation allowed? I can’t imagine the Orthodox I’ve seen on north side of Chicago playing any games ever…

    Hmm. Just had a thought: Do you know your tribe? I’m not sure many Jewish people do any more.


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