18 September

Bedlam Farm Journal: Rainy Day Monday, September 18, 2023

by Jon Katz

We got walloped again with more rain overnight; the flowers took a battering. They still managed to be beautiful; the farm is quiet on a gloomy, overcast, wet day like this. It’s interesting when I write at the computer, my face gets flushed and warm, a sign I need to rest. I slept better last night than I have slept since the head accident almost three weeks ago. I still can’t return to our bed, but I am hopeful about this week.

I’ve canceled all meetings, classes, and doctor appointments for the week. I’ll stay away until I don’t get dizzy.

I try to make the weather work for me. I learned last night that the Mansion had been sold to a group of investors. I have no idea what their plans are, I hope they will leave the residents and staff alone and take good care of them. I’ll keep volunteering unless I’m told otherwise.

I get the sense the Imperious Hens are still looking for Minnie; they gathered around her every day for weeks before she died. This morning, they were having a meeting of some kind and staying out of the rain. They meet daily to plan the search for food, bugs, and worms.

It sure looks like a daily morning meeting.


Fate is as quiet as I ever see on rainy days; she curls up in her dog bed and stays still until the rain is over. As always, her sleep reminds me of a painting.


Flowers remain beautiful from birth to sunlight to rain to death. The rain is hitting my beautiful Lisiantrop plants the hardest. They go with grace and beauty, a lesson for all of us.


  1. > Mansion

    Wow, Jon. That’s a big deal. Best luck to you all. I’m sure you’ll tell it as you see it as things progress.

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