19 November

Color And Light, As Promised. Tomorrow, A Portrait Of A Special, Very Gifted Art Student At Bishop Gibbons

by Jon Katz

Tomorrow morning, I’m posting a profile of a remarkable young art student of Sue Silverstein’s at Bishop Gibbons. I was dazzled by Isaiah Batista, a senior at Bishop Gibbons High School. We have supported Sue’s radical and wildly popular art program all year.

I met Isaiah Friday, and he has been making flannel pants for his grandmother (she and his grandfather have been raising him since childhood. Isaiah also worked hard to get his Eagle Scout badge – cleaning up streets and gardens, distributing food to the needy, hiking, and studying nature. He is impressive. He talked about why Sue’s art program is different from any other he has taken, and why he loves choosing his art project, a part of her very successful art program to pull kids off of the Internet and into the world of creativity. It is working, Isaiah has helped me to understand why.

(Isaiah, senior at Bishop Gibbons


See you in the morning, have a peaceful and meaningful evening. I’m finishing one book and moving on to another. Thanks for following and supporting my work.



  1. I am a fan from Guelph, Ontario, and I love reading your blog and seeing your life in pictures. I just sent my first donation. I have two tuxedo cats and just adopted a young kitten. Just wanted to send you my thanks for your work, your honest writing and your pictures. Thank you Jon!

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