20 November

Fabric Washing Day, Bedlam Farm Journal, Monday, November 20, 2023. Art Is On The Way

by Jon Katz

Clotheslines are to the art of the outside. They are all beautiful in their way and tell us a lot about the people who hang them up.

Today is not a regular wash day here at the farm, usually on Sunday. In the winter, the clothes have to be washed inside. We use the clotheslines for half the year, which are my favorite photos.

Today’s clothesline is different. It is fabric and fiber art material, which tells me that Maria is working on something new and washing the fabric before she assembles it.

In a few days, I’ll knock on the studio door and ask Maria if I can come in and see what she’s up to.

Sometimes, if she isn’t finished, she says no. She will let me see her latest work if she lets me in. It is always beautiful. I appreciate clothesline photos; they show us so much more than what is on a line.


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