20 November

Robin, The Night Of The Move To A New Home

by Jon Katz

The photo was taken yesterday, the last night Robin would ever spend in the apartment in New York where she spent all of her nearly seven years.

They are moving to their new home, the first house she will ever know, and it has a secret compartment in her bedroom where she can hide things.

I’m told she is sad and a little nervous, but also looking forward to having a room with a window. She’ll be happy there. I did feel a pang of regret that I wasn’t there to see it, but I’m very happy for all of them.

They bought a beautiful house, and they will love it there. Emma’s dog, Sandy, is at a kennel until they all move in. I’m sure she misses him.

Emma sent me many beautiful photos from this balcony atop their apartment house. I’ve seen Robin grow into a remarkable young women there.

The landscape will change, and so will life, and all for the good. Godspeed Emma Robin and Jay; great luck in your new house.


  1. I am happy for all them – room to spread out and grow. A yard for Sandy and for Robin to play in. And a secret compartment? Every child’s dream come true!

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