11 February

Five Bedlam Farm Books For Sale Today: Two Love Stories, A Family Drama, Famous People And Their lives

by Jon Katz

Today (Sunday) Bedlam Farm Book Sales are offering five very good books at a very low price. We’re de-cluttering big time. In addition to making some money, Maria and I like the idea of giving something back to our readers and supporters. No one will get rich selling $10 books (plus shipping) but the response has been amazing. And new hardcover books cost a lot more than $10.

This is something people want and need, and it’s something that makes us feel proud and generous. Love adventure and biography are on the list today.

I’ve always loved buying new books – I’ll never give it up – and hate the idea of books lying around the house gathering dust. Maria and I are both obsessive readers.

The book sales are permanent, with no returns.

We’d ask that you not send a payment without checking in with Maria ([email protected]) before paying so she can make sure the book hasn’t been sold. If you want a book, let her know which one and how you wish to pay (PayPal, Venmo, or check. She has the details.)

Five books today: The Unthinkable Greta James, a novel by Jennifer Smith, a kind of father-daughter love story,  it features Greta, a singer who falls apart on stage and breaks down. Months later, she links up with her disapproving father for a cruise they both hope will bring her back to health. The book is gorgeous, warm, funny, and touching.

Second, The Breakaway by Jennifer Weiner is an engaging and heart-lifting book about a troubled and struggling daughter, a shaming mother, and a determined lover. Our hero ends up on a 700-mile bike trip with his mother and lover both unexpectedly along. The question is can they ever get along with one another again? A good read.

Third,  Our Share Of Night by Mariana Enriquez, one of Latin America’s hottest young writers. This is an amazing author in the Gabriel Garcia Marquez (my favorite author) tradition. The book is mystical beautiful, disturbing, and hypnotic – a genre in South America.

A young father and son set, united in grief over the death of the wife and mother they loved, travel to her ancestral home where they both must confront the terrifying legacy she has left – a clan, a centuries-old secret society called the Order that commits unspeakable acts in their search for eternal life.

It’s a nail-biter at times, but hard to put down and well worth the time. This is real literature, 584  pages long, a journey into an imagined world, a big theme in Latin America. Great stuff.

Fourth: Henry David Thoreau, A Life. A thorough, surprising, and beautiful biography of  Thoreau, a fierce individualist, the author of “Walden,’ and a great American thinker. It’s 600 pages long. I had no trouble getting to the end. I imagine you all know who Thoreau is.

Fifth: Young Mungo, by Booker Prize Winner Douglas Stuart. This is a gripping and wonderfully told story of queer love and working-class poverty. Stuart is one of England’s greatest up-and-coming authors.

I recommend the book highly, it is wrenching and brutally realistic. Also inspiring. I would describe it as a very vivid and unyielding portrait of urban poverty and the suspenseful story of this dangerous first love of two young men.

We are very happy with the Book Sale program and we have tons (literally) of books to sell, good books that we have read almost all just like new.

All of the books on sale above are $10 plus $5 shipping. Every sale has sold out within minutes. We are going to keep it going. Maria will decide when we put books on sale, it will be at least once a week, perhaps more. It depends on how much time we have on any given day.

Thanks and enjoy your books. Many more to come. The proceeds go to Maria, she’s doing the work, and she gets the money.


  1. Selling your books this way is wonderful! Hardback books are SO expensive….. so not only a great deal for avid readers, but your reviews, along with your great service make this a great deal! And, YOU get to make room on your shelves for more new books plus glean back just a bit of what you’ve spent buying them…. I’ve enjoyed finding some new authors thanks to your reviews…..and that is much appreciated as well! I confess that I buy many, many used books online from a favorite bookseller……and that works most times…..but the more current books are surely a better *deal* coming from you and Maria! Thank you!
    Susan M

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