2 April

Flower Art, April 2, 2024. In The Morning, Flowers, In The Evening Flower Art

by Jon Katz

In the morning, I take pictures of flowers. In the afternoon and early evening, I make flower art. Both are important, each is different. The flower art takes a lot of time, I use macro lenses and I have to move in just the right way to get the picture I want.

This is my experimental work, my different work. I don’t see a lot of other people doing it. I’m still experimenting and refining. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I hope you enjoy it. See you in the morning.

Every photo is different and requires an understanding of the light, the sun, the backdrop, the settings, sometimes a tripod, lots of moving back and forth, and lots of turning the lens or me. This one took a half hour; I got to move until the seeds were apparent.

I always think of capturing the soul of the flower.


My idea is that no flower needs to stand alone; they are all part of a community, and they know and react to each other. That is the central idea for my flower art, which is rarely literal.


  1. Hi Jon,
    Can I say what I just muttered out loud?
    from 1 photographer to another…

    ” Oh, SUPER cool”.

    Awesome photography!!
    🙂 Anne frm MN
    (Think pink lily and tiny green tree frog sleeping in it – it’s another cool one you’ve featured)
    Rule is: if they make people smile – they are all winners 🙂
    Take Care – keep ’em comin’

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