20 April

Bedlam Farm Books. Love, Magic, History: Hey! This One Didn’t Get Sold. Here’s Why I Think It Should Be Grabbed….

by Jon Katz

This Book Is Sold

Last week, we put five books up for sale during the Bedlam Farm Book Sale.

All were sold as usual, but this one didn’t, and it bothered me.

Maria and I both loved the book. I don’t want to see it given away to strangers; I’d like to see it go to one of our blog readers, which is the idea behind the book sales.

I don’t usually do this, but this is a unique book that should be read.

It’s a love song, but it is much more than that.

It’s funny, sexy, and unbelievably romantic. As a side appeal, it brilliantly captures the lost romance of Harlem, a vibrant setting that will transport you to the 1920s and thirties, Harlem’s extraordinary cultural rise.

This is a story of a loving and heroic young woman I instantly rooted for and cheered to the end of her great adventure.  This is a heart-warmer all the way.

Our culture always ensures that family stories end with reconciliation—the place you can always go when you need to, the great American myth.

But many of us know it’s more complicated than that. Sometimes, as many of you know, you must break away and make your own life.

This is what Ricki Wilde does. She has many gifts, but bowing down and running back to her family for safety is not one of them. (Sort of like Maria.)

Ricki decides to open an artsy florist shop in Harlem. It’s not an easy path, but her creativity is powerful and determined.

Those are the kind of people who make their dreams come true. How she does it is gripping.

The author isn’t looking to upset or depress anyone, and the book is full of magic, of the heart and beyond.

In addition to everything else, it’s a heartwarming story about a last-born child treated cruelly and harshly by her sisters and her rich but distant mother and father.

Ricki Wilde runs away from assured wealth and comfort to get to Harlem and launch a floral business. This turns out to be a wonderful story about the power and grip of creativity. She didn’t have it easy, but she never quit.

It’s the best kind of love story—tender, bright, and full of love and determination. It left me smiling. This isn’t a profit-making venture.  This book cost me $29 just two months ago, and we are selling it for $10.  We want somebody to snatch it up.

I’ll be honest.

We’ve sold all the books instantly, but this one is bugging me.  When I saw it on the give-away pile, I got upset again.

I’d love for someone to accept this offer and e-mail Maria – [email protected] – and purchase the book. You won’t regret it; if you do, I’ll return the $10.

I asked Maria if it was okay to make another pitch, and she said sure.

Thanks for listening, jon.


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