16 May

Home Again. Some Problems To Fix. But I Didn’t End Up In The Hospital!

by Jon Katz

My foot has been with me all of my life, and for almost every day of that, I’ve had problems. It’s a valued foot but a difficult one. I couldn’t begin to count the doctors, orthopedic specialists, podiatrists, and surgeons who have taken a whack at it.

(Photo, Maria, she hung my red summer hat on my foot).

Of all of that, my current doctor, Dr. Pamely Daly, a brilliant podiatric surgeon, has come the closest to getting me talking comfortably without pain or trouble.

To do that, she rebuilt my food, seven or eight surgeries, including amputating my big toe.

But there will be problems. My foot has its ideas and is continuing to collapse, causing more trouble. This is the nature of life; it changes, evolves, and devolves constantly.

Only so much can be done, especially as I get older, and we have done a lot – Dr. Daly has rebuilt my foot, and I wear a brace that helps. As was predicted, the brace itself has become a problem, wearing out under the pressure of the rest of my body.

My hiking plans for a Vermont mountain will have to wait again.

(In case you missed it, I wrote early today about the need for cereal boxes to reach the Cambridge Food Pantry. You can find three cereals to buy and send here on the Pantry Wish List. They are out of cereal, one of the children’s favorite foods.

In the meantime, I’m back to my surgical boots before the brace repairs next week. Yuk. I can shower every day, though, which is something I am grateful for.

So, next week, I’m headed to Albany with a new prescription for the brace. The good news is that I didn’t have to go to the hospital today and won’t have to go next week. A specialist will rebuild while I stand there in front of him.

I’m happy to be back home. I went outside, took some flower photos, brushed the donkeys—one of the most soothing activities—and sat on the blue chair with Zip. He was reticent, calm, and affectionate to me.

They do know when something is up. Zinnia too.

I sometimes get discouraged by my stubborn and independent foot, but we are partners for life. I won’t amputate any more of him.

I have photos of almost all those lovely things and will post them later.

Yes, I am sometimes deflated and discouraged, but I am grateful to others—at least I can walk. I am also thankful for the excellent and hard work I have put on my foot.

I have to admit I’m attached to him, literally and emotionally.


  1. It so hard when our bodies don’t do what we want. Sending much hope for healing and love to you and Maria and all your beloved animal f

  2. YES for some pretty good news, Jon.! I’m so glad to hear that you didn’t end up in hospital……and that further *work* on your brace….. and TLC of your foot…….will be *the ticket* at this point. A work in progress……….. but I’m glad the news was good overall. VERY glad. You shine…….as do your dedicated health providers!
    Susan M

  3. Head , shoulders, knees and Toes … a favorite childhood activity song ..🎵

    May you keep a song in your heart as your foot 🦶 mends each and every day you ate grateful!

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