27 May

Best, Most Colorful Photo Journal Ever: The Cambridge Pantry Launches It’s First Parade Float, Volunteers Dress Up As Vegetables And Donuts And Spaghetti (Really)

by Jon Katz

Today was a significant day for the Cambridge Food Pantry.

It marked the first time the pantry had a float in the Cambridge Memorial Day Parade. It was a major success—big, beautiful, fun, a bit wild, creative, colorful, to the point, beautifully designed, and put together—one of the highlights of the parade, an almost sacred tradition in our small town.

Everyone brings chairs to sit in down Main Street.

The participants on the gloat were a microcosm of the community, as was the parade itself: young and old, tall and short, enthusiastic and excited.  It was fun to see and fun to photograph.

It also shows how much the food pantry means to the town it serves. Around here, people know what it’s like to be hungry.

Sarah, Pastor Jim, and young and old volunteers showed up to represent the food that the pantry distributes to people needing food support. The float was perfect for the parade, an annual display of what makes small towns clock: teams,  athletic clubs,  businesses, fire engines, marching bands,  marching veterans, and local causes and quirks.

I doubt anyone who saw the parade will forget it; I sure won’t. Maria and I got up early to see the pantry volunteers off, and I volunteered to take photos. The way to do this was to get a portrait of every marcher or rider.

It was my most fun photo journal.  You couldn’t help but smile. What a great way to send a message.

Pantry Director Sarah Harrington did a wonderful job planning and designing the float. I was invited to ride on the float, but I didn’t think I could do justice to the terrific costumes.

Come and see the portraits of the riders and marchers.

(My good friend, the famed photographer George Forss, introduced me to the parade. Year after year, he invited me to sit in front of his art gallery, teaching me about photography and saluting his community. I miss you, George. You were such a wonderful friend and a brilliant photographer. You taught me so much. You would have loved taking these photos of the float and food pantry volunteers and supporters.)


On the wagon, waving goodbye



Popcorn for Geri and Pastor Jim Cramer


Slice of bacon

Grade A Milk

A healthy cheeseburger sandwich


Pastries and donuts

A Pickle

Glamorous donut.

Spaghetti and meatballs.

All set, ready to parade.


Video: Heading To The Parade



  1. Great pics of a colorful float and creative costumes!! Loved Pastor Jim’s t-shirt! I understand how important their ‘mission’ is in the community as my church, a downtown church. also has a foodbank that serves a lot of families. Kudos to the Army of Good for their contributions!

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