6 July

Flower Art Saturday, July 6, 2024. The Garden Bed Comes Of Age. I Have The Welts And Bug Bites To Prove It

by Jon Katz

There was a heat alert today; I had to go out at noon to catch the desired sunlight.

The bugs were insane, hostile, and aggressive, and welts covered my hands and arms. I’m putting ice on them, hoping they stop itching by sleeping time. On the other hand, I got some lovely flower art photos, a mix of wildflowers and garden bed flowers. The garden bed is calling out to be noticed. I’m there.

When I glance at the news, I go to the flower bed to cleanse. It works. See you in the morning. I’m bushed. Tomorrow, I get to spend Sunday in a quiet and meditative way.






  1. Better and more beautiful every day. Thank you for braving and battling the insane insects for us.

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