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28 May

Flower Art. Deeper Into Columbine World. No Flower Lives Alone. They Remind Me Of What It Means To Be Human.

by Jon Katz

My basic idea with my flower photography is that flowers are never really alone, as they are often presented in flower photos. I believe they are all connected in one way or another and are best seen and understood when they are together. Like us, we are all connected, whether we know it or not or like it or not.

Many of us have lost our sense of humanity and are forgetting to be kind and gentle with each other.

I have often forgotten that message and am working hard to shift my feelings to a kindler and gentler place. I never knew what to do with the anger inside of me, but I know now—let it go. I get a lot of beautiful messages and some angry ones. I try to remember that they have suffered as much or more than I have. I am learning to laugh at hatred and stare it down. My flowers have helped.

Maria collected these flowers and brought them to me. It’s all I need.

I’m making progress, although a lot more remains to be done. I may never get there, but I will get closer.

Flowers have been very kind to me. They have taught me a lot about emotion and feeling.

I see each one having a message for me, and I am beginning to hear and understand those messages as my life changes and ripens. The Columbines speak to me specially and deeply; I don’t know why; I suspect it is because they are always in motion, reading out to one another and other flowers.

That’s how I see them in my photographs, not as one, but as a whole—signing off for tonight. Tomorrow’s food for the pantry is Beef Gravy And Dish Soap. You can find it here.

Looking up and around, connecting.

I was talking to one another, maybe singing.

Sorrow and love

A community for all of its complications.


28 May

Army Of Good, I Want You To See What You Did This Weekend For The Food Pantry? Then There Is This Truck Issue.

by Jon Katz

Dear Army of Good, this is a love letter to you from me. I went to the pantry today and was thrilled to see that the empty places on the shelves were filled, just a couple of days after the pantry called for help when every item on their Amazon Wish List was gone, chosen by a huge crowd of people who need food support.

This afternoon, right on cue, an Amazon truck arrived at the pantry, delivering 27 food boxes. It was the second massive delivery from the AOG.  Your prompt action ensured the pantry was well-stocked for Wednesday’s distribution and perhaps beyond. Your dedication is truly commendable.

I can’t thank you enough, and I wanted you to see what you have done. We only filled some of those shelves but replenished everything missing and more.

Sarah said the Cambridge Pantry received 450 lbs of food from the Army of Good in the past two days. What a joy to see this. We are doing a mountain of sound, and it matters.


Also, The Food Pantry desperately needs a new truck. Their current one is falling apart and rusted through. I see it every week, and it is not long for this world.

Sarah says she desperately needs something reliable to haul 3,000 to 5,000 lbs of food weekly from Albany to Cambridge. This is a lifeline for food coming into the pantry from the central Eastern New York food bank outside Albany.

We have searched for a truck since January, and now, for the first time, we have found one that checks every box for our needs. It’s a good deal and won’t last long. We have saved up a need and need $18,000 more. Even $5 gets us closer to the goal. We are also contacting everyone we know locally for help.

If people wish to contribute, they can send checks to Cambridge Food Pantry, P.O. Box 473, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816, with “truck purchase fund” in the memo line. “It’s an exciting opportunity for us,” says Sarah.

Sarah asked if I could help and would do everything I could. Every contribution, no matter how small, will help. Sarah fears someone else will scoop up the truck if she doesn’t act, so she’s going after it. Any help would be appreciated. Tomorrow’s food request will be for Beef Gravy and Dish Soap. I’ll post it in the morning. You can take a look or purchase it now on the Cambridge Food Pantry Amazon Wish List. And thank you.


P.S. This afternoon,  Kean McIllvaine, Owner and Head Baker of the Covered Bridge Bread Company, sent a carload of fresh bread from her new bakery, opening just outside of town at the Gerard Farm’s newly expanded agricultural and healthy food business.  The Gerard shop will be offering fresh vegetables and nutritional food as well. The official opening is this Thursday.

Kean says she’s been baking at the Gerard farm and food store and had a “ton of bread with nowhere to go.” She has donated bread to the pantry before, and the customers loved it.  Sarah was happy to get the bread.

In addition, the food pantry had a sensational reception for its excellent parade float Sunday in the Memorial Parade in Cambridge.

28 May

Back Into The Fray. Sarah Needs Split Peas ($3.99 And Rice Pilaf ($13.12) The Pantry Had A Wonderful Weekend

by Jon Katz

Food pantry support is not a place to rest on our laurels, but you did a heroic job of helping out over this holiday weekend. Thanks to you, the pantry shelves are full.

. Hunger in America is real, severe, and getting worse. This was a historic weekend for the Cambridge Food Pantry. The Army Of Good answered the call and replenished the empty shelves in two days. The pantry volunteers and staff rode a spectacular and colorful float in the town’s Memorial Day parade.

It was a smashing success.

Back to reality.

– Sarah left the wish list empty for one day- Sunday –  in honor of the Army of Good.

She’s back at work today, asking for help getting two more items she has run out of, and the people who come to the pantry miss.

We have also discovered happily that many of you like to buy more than one thing at a time. That is wonderful, and please feel free to do so. I will post the main link for the Cambridge Food Pantry Wish List daily so people can browse and buy additional items and the ones requested.

Today, two requests:

The first is:

Split Peas: 365 Whole Foods Market, Peas Split Green Organic, 16 Oz packet, $3.99.

The second item is  Zatarians Rice Pilaf, 6.3 oz (Pack of 8).

The link will be the same if you wish to purchase other or additional items.

We can’t thank you enough for your support of the pantry. Each of you has made a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of adults and children who urgently need help feeding themselves and their families. Your contributions are invaluable and deeply appreciated. You are making a huge difference.

Sarah Harrington as Hamburger

This afternoon, Maria and I are going to the food pantry. I’m taking photos of the weekly unloading of food from the pantry bank and checking out your donations. Maria will help stack the pantry shelves with the food you sent, which has been arriving all weekend and today.

Thanks again, and I hope we can keep this miraculous momentum going. The need for food support is not slowing down, and your continued support is crucial. You are doing something impactful, and your efforts are appreciated more than you know. Life goes on; please help with the peas and rice pilaf if you can.

28 May

Tuesday Morning, Bedlam Farm Journal Report On A New Day, Tuesday May 28, 2024.

by Jon Katz

I love getting up with the dogs and Maria each morning. I foolishly threw on my bathrobe again, but there were no spiders or other bugs. The farm looked especially beautiful, and I am so fortunate to be alive on this lovely farm. Zinnia spotted me and rushed to the gate to greet me as always. Maria was up early, moving manure around. Zip was on his throne, a beautiful bouquet appeared in the bathroom, and wild Irises popped up all over the farm. Beauty is everywhere when I look for it. I’m heading to the food pantry this morning to take pictures of the food truck coming in. Later.

Every day is manure moving day at Bedlam Farm.  Ahhh…the perfect life.

Flower art in the bathroom, curated by Maria Wulf.


Zip seems to be a king or prince of everything on the farm.


Wild Irises in the march.

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