Bedlam Farm Blog Journal by Jon Katz

31 May

Good Night, Reading Time: Wedesday Art Show, Five Images, Extrending My Boundaries. The Moods And Emotions Of Flowers

by Jon Katz

My stock photos are about the souls of flowers; my art flowers are about people’s souls. Flowers affect my moods and emotions now that I live closely with them and pay so much attention.

In my art photos, I want to capture my emotions and feelings. It’s not easy to describe,  much easier to show. Take a look. The images are on me, as a thank you from me to you.

Here, I think of grace.


Here, I think of symbolism and stars.

Here, I feel the softness and depth of the flowers.


Here, I feel a call to light; the world of flowers is beautiful. It calms me and soothes me.

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