Bedlam Farm Blog Journal by Jon Katz

20 June

Yes! The Army Of Good Strikes Again. The Entire Wish List Was Bought Out, Every Item Going Back On The Shelves. Blessings To You All. Maria’s Potholders Join The Fray

by Jon Katz

Last week, the Cambridge Food Pantry was just about overwhelmed by families coming to look for help feeding themselves. Some were worried about the heat wave heading our way.

Dictor Sarah Harrington asked for help, and instead of just browsing the list, which is updated daily, we decided to take action. We bought out the items, ensuring that the pantry’s customers not only get the food they need to survive but also the food they love and want.

Your support has a direct and significant impact on the operations of the food pantry, making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

While this new support has been a tremendous help, the reality is that the need is ongoing and growing. The pantry is committed to assisting all who come,  and your continued support is crucial. We may be limited in what we can do, but by choosing our battles wisely and not turning away, we can make a significant difference.

The entire list sold out overnight.  Maria baptized her new sewing machine by making a tea potholder, selling it, and buying tea for the pantry.

The pantry is deeply grateful for your support. Your support is not just a contribution. It’s a lifeline for the pantry and those who rely on it.

As we continue our efforts to help, we still need specific items for these embattled people.  They appreciate you.

The next wave of people is coming on Saturday.

So, I’m getting back to work and asking for assistance in acquiring Diapers Size 6 and Hand soap, two of the most crucial items on the new Wish List. It will be back up on the Wish List this afternoon. The pantry’s need never stops; it sometimes has to catch its breath, and your help keeps it functioning well consistently.

We can do this.  We are doing it. I bow to you.

(Maria’s Tea Potholder, the first of which was created on her new sewing machine. A great way to christen her Singer.)

Maria got the new sewing machine yesterday and wondered what to make with it first. When she heard that nobody was buying tea off of the Amazon Cambridge Pantry Wish List, she jumped at it and decided to make a tea potholder on her new machine and charge half of the usual price for a potholder.

People jumped on it immediately; in return, she purchased a tea box on the Wish List. I gather it’s on the way, along with many others.

You can read about it here on her blog.

Thanks to Gail from Florida for being the first to buy the potholder for $19.99 plus shipping (she usually charges $30.). She said it reminded her of brewing tea with her Irish neighbors. Thanks, Gail, and to the others who asked, but it was too late. Maria’s art rarely hangs around for too long.

Gail gets a crafted potholder, and the pantry gets some tea. Maria gets to welcome her sewing machine ideally.

The Wish List is empty now, a testament to you all,  but not for long.

More and more people need food to feed their families, and Sarah has to work harder and harder to keep the best foods coming in. To her credit, she is keeping up with it.

Helping the needy is God’s work, and it is not expensive. I don’t know if there is a heaven, but we will all be rewarded here on earth; doing good is sacred until itself.

20 June

Bedlam Farm In The Morning (Thursday, June 20, 2024), Beautiful Day, Hot Or Not. Zip And Asher, Brutal Sun, Donkeys Getting Brushed

by Jon Katz

Zip stole the show this morning, as usual. He and Asher are becoming great friends. It helps that they are on the other side of the fence; they learn trust and familiarity. I am inside all day, only going out for errands. I have a lot of work to do, lots to write about, and some pictures to take. Maria sold her Tea Potholder with proceeds going to the Cambridge Food Pantry, details to come.


Zip and Asher bonding. With animals, it starts with touching noises or smelling butts.

When the sun tried to come out. A feeling of great heat.

Whether it’s rain, snow, heat, or wind, the donkeys expect to be brushed in the morning; Maria is the person who does it.



It feels like a painting, brushing the donkeys in the heat.


20 June

Morning Flowers. Nod To Georgia Okkeefe. Voices From My Raised Garden Bed

by Jon Katz

My raised garden bed is coming to life and calling out for attention. Georgia Okeeffe’s ghost shouted out to me, and so here are some of the first flowers from the garden bed in 2024. More to come. Another day of 90-degree-plus heat; this time, I am staying inside (mostly). Here we go again. I’m giving the Leica a rest; I don’t wish to wear it out; the  IPhone 15 Max Pro is back in service in the morning. Flower Art at the end of the day.

I hope they help you start the day right. The picture above is a Calendula; I got a dozen for the garden bed.






19 June

Small Miracles! Only Two Items Left Out Of Fifteen Requested: You Did It. Thank You, Thank You, We’ll Get It All By Morning

by Jon Katz

A couple of days ago, Sarah Harrington, Executive Director of the Cambridge Food Pantry, contacted me and requested help.

More than 17 critical items had disappeared from her shelves, taken by record-breaking crowds who needed food support for their families.

She asked for help replenishing the list.

I said we would try. I wasn’t sure we could get all of those items replaced; I should have known better.

After my first request, two were replaced overnight. I made another request yesterday, and as of 9:30 p.m.,  only two items remained, and the need is still urgent:

Seattle’s Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Dark Roast Ground Coffee, 12 oz bags, pack of 3, $17.94.

And Amazon Brand, Happy  Belly Grated Parmesan Cheese 8.0z, $2.96.

Until yesterday, the Army Of Good seemed allergic to donating coffee. That’s changing.

I should know better than ever to underestimate the Army Of Good. Big hearts and a desire to do good from people all over the country, most of whom I don’t know and will never meet.

They are friends, all of them, to me, to refugee kids, the elderly in care, and now the people in need of good food to eat, people down on their knees from skyrocketing prices and stagnant wages. Your potential donations could make a significant difference in their lives.

I bet Sarah will have taken down these two items by morning, and then we will move on to a new wish list, seeking one or two items a day.

There is nothing better than helping people in need; Christ himself started the ball rolling. Thank you so much.

I’ll seek help getting Size 6 diapers and Hand Soap on Thursday afternoon. This one never really stops.

19 June

Flower Art, Emotions, Emotions…Bedlam Farm Journal, Wednesdays, June 19, 2024. Pantry Supper – We’re Halfway There.

by Jon Katz

I’m signing off. See you in the morning. I’ve got to make dinner for Maria, who will be home soon from belly dancing.

Flowers are all about emotions for me. I’m no gardener and have not grown up loving flowers. I never really paid attention to them; I was too busy being unhappy and successful. They mean a lot to them. I talk to them, hear them, and feel them differently. I don’t have the words for that yet, but I will one day.

Photography helped me to see the world anew.

It’s what I do—a full, busy, warm, and meaningful day. My photography led me to flowers, which are changing my life daily.

Today, I’m painting a mix of colors, wildflowers, and a handful of cut flowers. They dance well together. I’m signing out; see you in the morning. I’m planning a tranquil day. I need to stay out of the sun.

(Please help Cambridge Pandry replenish the 14 foods (now down to seven) taken off the shelves on a big, busy day last week. We are trying to replace every one of the 14 Wish List items; we are halfway there. Nobody bought tea or potatoes, but they are essential and still needed. You can find the details here. We are halfway there. Thanks for your help.)

Here, I think the words speak for themselves, softly and loudly.





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