27 November 2014

Poem: To The Covered Bridge: “One Oz After Another”

By: Jon Katz
Not Like The Other Children

Not Like The Other Children

When you are not like the other children,

and never were,

and never will be,

the world is a wondrous place,

that only you can see,

full of joy and crisis,

mystery and magic,

when you are not like the other children,

and never were,

and never will be,

you are chosen,

kissed by cherubs and sculpted by angels,

Blessed are you, child who is different

you dance in the snow to the covered bridge,

on your magic boots and silver slippers,

waving your Witchy wand

the world awaits you,  one Oz after another.

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Happy Thanksgiving: Compassionate Friday

By: Jon Katz
Compassionate Thursday

Compassionate Thursday

On this curious holiday, when the world sometimes seems full of flames, and our brothers and sisters prepare to set out in search of sales and bargains, I wish you the happiest and most meaningful of Thanksgivings. I am preparing to celebrate Compassionate Friday, where I work- it is among the most difficult work there is –  to be an empathetic, loving and compassionate human being swimming in a sea of judgement, anger and argument.  It is my intention every day to be grateful for my life, but perhaps this year I am especially grateful to be here sharing my life with you.

In many ways you are my family, my blog the manifested beating of my heart. I am so lucky to be here in a snowstorm with my wife, friend and partner, Maria. It could have been such a different holiday for both of us.

Our wonderful animals, back on our farm,  have helped shape my life and our lives together, and i am eager to face the New Year with a healing heart and an open mind. Animals make us better, they help heal us and make us whole if we learn from them and listen to them. I have plenty of time to shop for Christmas, i will devote today and tomorrow to savoring every moment of life, love, friendship, compassion and community. I'll call it Compassionate Friday, compassion is perhaps the greatest bargain on the planet, you can find it anywhere, the shipping is always free.

I wish you the best of holidays. And thank you for sharing my life.

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26 November 2014

Poem: Window Lights

By: Jon Katz
Poem: Window Lights

Poem: Window Lights

The window lights,

my silent companions

on the night walks,

beacons, lighthouses,

signals from the spirits of the storm.

Are they on for me, for their distant


are they the signals of the spirits

and angels and witches

of the forest,  the cherubs

of the storm,

the night demons and elves?

Sometimes, I close my eyes,

and I can hear their soft whispers,

follow the light,

follow the light.

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Poem: The Unplowed Road

By: Jon Katz
Poem: The Unplowed Road

Poem: The Unplowed Road

"The Unplowed Road"

The unplowed road

lay before me,

I took it, the

path taken,

I thought  as I slid and stumbled,

that the unplowed road

was rough, filled with ridges

and ruts, icy crust, buried rocks

and stones, it was neither straight

nor clear, predictable or sensible

neglected and ignored,

it went it's own way, up and down,

each step

different from the last,

filled with surprises and unexpected twists

and turns,

I do not wonder about the path not taken

when I am on the unplowed road,

I look down and follow each step,

try to give my feet some guidance.

oh, I say to the unplowed road,

as the big plow clears the road up ahead,

I know you, you are my life.

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Into The Storm: Sometimes In Vermont

By: Jon Katz
Sometimes In Vermont

Sometimes In Vermont

Vermont, unlike the favored postcard images of it, is a very real place. It's residents struggle to find secure jobs, they depend heavily on tourists, the state struggles with economic and social issues, especially poverty  and problems with drugs.

But it is a beautiful state, an oasis, where people on the left and people on the right work together to solve problems rather than argue about them. Vermont rejects polarization, the state is always getting things done, it is a place of powerful community, people watch out for one another. Today, as we drove through the storm, a giant tree fell on a truck and blocked the road.

Cars backed up right away and I thought we would be there all night, but a bunch of people jumped out of their cars and set to work with saws and bare hands and cleared the tree and make sure everyone was all right. Very Vermont, people there don't wait for the police to come to fix things.

When Maria and I want to rest or connect with nature and community, we go to Vermont, there are so many beautiful towns and villages free of malls and box stores and traffic jams, it is possible to imagine an different and simpler life.

Sometimes in Vermont, on nights like this, snow everywhere, people coming into the inn stomping their boots and shaking off the snow on their jackets, I expect Bing Crosby to pop out in front of the fireplace crooning holiday songs and carols. We are buried in snow, we will not be moving much tomorrow, this after, Maria and I walked for miles through the storm, i took some photos, she make some snow sculptures. Now, a reading job and rest. I made it up a very steep hill this morning, something I couldn't have done five or six months ago. I was grateful for it, my my life, for my time here.

The report from Bedlam Farm is comforting, the dogs lounging by the fire, the cats in Deb Foster's lap, the donkeys and sheep fed and dry out in the pole barn. I am grateful for every one of them.

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