15 May 2012

Each Day: Will You Marry Me?

Proposing To Each Day

Every morning, when I wake up,

I propose to the day.

Will you marry me?, I ask.

Be my partner, my love, in life? All day?

To the last minute?

I ask nothing from you,

other than your presence in my life.

And we exchange our vows.

I promise to be faithful, and loving.

To grow and learn and change.

To cherish each day,  forever.

To renew myself, and give rebirth to my life.

Each day, I vow, I will honor you.

By living my life.

Telling  my story.

Making something beautiful,

And affirming the light and beauty and promise of the world.

And my beloved day, I say, I will not diminish you or waste  you,

in fear. Or anger. Or argument. Or judgement.

Because you are a gift that I cherish,

And will never have again.

And then, wondrous and sacred day, if I keep my vows,

and do right by you, I will propose to you again,

first thing tomorrow.

And now, the bride and groom can kiss our kiss of life,

and walk down our aisle together.

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