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Friends and readers, we've set up a social media hub so that you can have easy access to the places on social media where I write or where my work appears. Hope it makes your life a bit easier, and thanks for reading.




Creative Group For Bedlam FarmCreative Group For Bedlam Farm

The Creative Group At Bedlam Farm is a creative community of encouragement, where creatives of many different kinds, from writers to painters to fiber artists, photographers and weavers, among others, gather to share their work, offer positive feedback, and encourage one another. Hostility is forbidden, this is a safe zone. Creativity is supported in every possible way.

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The Spiritual Sister

Loving Animals Group at Bedlam Farm

We are a Ministry of Encouragement and Communication, hoping to write lovingly, thoughtfully and usefully about the love of animals, a powerful and important subject in the lives of so many of us. This site will offer writing that is happy and sad, good news and bad. It is wonderful to love animals, it is, I believe possible to love them too much. We will explore loving dogs, cats, horses, rats, mice, fish, hamsters and ferrets. The mission is not to simply state our love, but to explore and understand and honestly relating our own feelings and experiences. We hope to bring together people who live with animals and people who live with pets. We hope to advance the understanding of loving animals. The content of this group will be available to people outside the group, it is not a private or closed group."

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