29 November

Advent Day. The Christmas Season

by Jon Katz

  The Rev. Rob Rose is a good friend, as is his wife Sarah and kids. He is the pastor of the West Hebron Presbyterian Church, and, like my friend Steve McLean, a warrior for Jesus. He invited me to his family’s celebration of Advent Day, the opening up of the Christmas Season. Rob and I joked about how Black Friday is becoming the truly sacred American holiday, the media obsessing on sales and stats as a measure of our economic and spiritual health.
 But I found the true meaning of the season in Rob’s rectory, where he and his family and some friends gathered to talk about what Christmas really means, and to celebrate a season of light and gift-giving. I got numbered presents to last through Christmas Eve, and he left some shirts for Maria for her quilts and potholders. Ironically, Bedlam Farm is visible through the window.

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