9 January

The Thawing

by Jon Katz
The Thawing

Because I always have a border collie nearby, I can’t really say what sheep are thinking, I suspect they rarely think of anything beyond grazing and eating. For the past two weeks, they have been largely holed up in the Pole Barn, staying out of the brutal cold.

They seemed a bit restless to me, but other than that, I wouldn’t swear that they knew it was cold at all, sheep live in the moment, and their thick coats insulate them from most of the weather.

Still, we take good care of them. They have heated water, good second cut hay, solid shelter from the wind, and some grain every day for energy. They are fat and happy creatures, I believe. And they offer beautiful wool for Maria to sell.

This morning I was happy to see them parade out and look me over hoping for food. They came through the cold well. In just a few  weeks, they will be out grazing in the sun, and the world will return to normal.

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