11 January

Changing Hats

by Jon Katz

This afternoon, I’ll stop by the Mansion Refugees to drop off some coloring books and crayons. I’m getting to know the Dollar Store.

Then I’m going to change hats, and put on my refugee hat.

I’m going to a middle school in Albany to meet a  young woman from Myanmar whose teachers say is especially gifted.

She is applying to one of the best private schools in the Albany area and we are meeting with school officials in early February to see if we can get her a full scholarship, the school is eager to work with us, and I’ve partnered up with Alex Borgess, a senior at the Albany Academy. He wants to help raise some money for this program at the school.

This young woman’s teacher is especially dedicated and is helping her with her application. So I’m heading to a middle school in Albany. Back in time for Bingo at the Mansion.

I’m going to meet this very gifted refugee student today and take her photo and get to know  her a bit. I believe we can make this happen, I think this is a wonderful way to help. I can’t wait to meet her.

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