29 May

See What We Did: The New Bishop Maginn Music Room

by Jon Katz

Look at what your generosity has wrought: a spanking new music room at Bishop Maginn, they  ready to sing. This is an amazing thing to do in just two short weeks. Principal Tolan says we are helping to revive the spirit of the school. The students are wildly excited about a choir, they want to sing their song to the world.

Bishop Maginn High School has been through some rough times – growing poverty around them, declining enrollment, crippling scandals in the Catholic Church, white flight,  too many students with too little money for tuition.

The school had to move into smaller quarters, and went into decline. There is a new young principal in the school, Mike Tolan, and a support diocese. With some help from us, Principal Tolan is restoring the art and music program, once slashed in budget cuts.

The school is true to the true Christian heritage, helping the needy and the vulnerable. There is no proselytizing in the school, no religious pressure or indoctrination. If Christ ever does return, he will like what he sees at this school.

The Army of Good got the chairs you see in this room an also the music stands. The school spent the better part of a week cleaning this former classroom, now the new   Bishop Maginn High School Music Room.

This where the choir will be practicing, first performances in the fall.

A new conductor is coming, a new accompanist, some T-shirts, new music and a keyboard. Principal Tolan hopes the choir can travel all around the Albany area, drawing interest to the school.

This would not be happening without your support, the school has become a refuge and support center for the refugee children, no one is turned away.

One donor sent $1,500 for the choir, we will need some more. Donations to the school are tax deductible, you can send them directly to the school: Mike Tolan, principal,  Bishop Maginn High School, 75 Park Avenue, Albany, N.Y., 12202.

Or you can send donations to me via Paypal, [email protected], if you prefer, please make out  checks to Jon Katz, Bishop Maginn Choir, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12202.

The room is being painted with murals drawn by several students.

Thanks so much. We’ve gotten real  help, we could use some more to get this choir launched in the right way.


  1. Thank you for introducing us to these young people; for bringing us into their lives. It’s uplifting to be able to help. Looking forward to more opportunities. The video was very sweet.

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