9 October

Classes And Stage Sets And Christmas: Time To Do Good

by Jon Katz

In my strange universe, good is breaking out all over. I’m off to Albany to meet the 12 students in my eight-week Writing Workshop. I’ll come back with photos and feelings. I’m bringing boxes of notebooks, books, and pens. I’ve got some names to learn.

I’m also fired up about a new and exciting project by the school’s new and enthusiastic drama teacher, Erica MacLeod. Nobody can remember the last time Bishop Maginn High School put on a play, and for years, there was no drama class.

Erica has changed all of that. She’s lit up the school with her plan to stage a play.

She wants to produce “Happy Hollandaise” for Christmas, a five scene comedy of errors with some funny characters and a strong Christmas message. The play will run for 90 minutes, an ambitious project for the spanking new drama class.

But Erica needs money for the simple set: a basic, living room interior. Everything on the materials list she has drawn up is to build and support the walls of the space in the school’s gym where it will be performed.

This is a landmark step forward for Bishop Maginn High School, the only problem is that the school has no money for Erica to build the set, so she’s asked me and the Army of Good if we can help.

I think we can. At first, we thought of a Wish List, but I think we can raise the money simply and directly. A Wish List with all these items would be complicated. We’ve done this kind of thing many times before.

I think this is right in our wheelhouse, I have a detailed list of plywood, molding masonite, doors, glue rollers and paint and 20 other items all available at the local Home Depot.

Eric estimates she needs $1,000 to build this stage set. If you are in a giving Christmas mood, please consider supporting this very pure and worthy project, a strong symbol of the school’s recovery from dark days.

If you are able and interested, please send a contribution to me via Paypal jon@bedlamfarm.com, or by check to Jon Katz, Happy Hollandaise, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

I’m starting it off by contributing $400 of my own money. It’s a good cause. Any overage will go to the next play.

Time is an issue, if she’s going to make it for Christmas, she has to get started. And thanks in advance.


  1. I wonder if Home Depot in your area wouldn’t be willing to donate some or all of the supplies that are needed. Great advertisement if they get their name in the Program as a Sponsor

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