27 October

Army Of Good’s Hunger Project. No Matter What.

by Jon Katz

No matter what happens next week, there is a great need for people who wish to do good rather than fight about it. I have my mission, it exists outside of politics.

Last week, I wrote about the Army Of Good’s new Hunger Project for the Bishop Maginn High School refugee community and the Mansion aides.

With the donations I have received, I’ve begun to stockpile gift cards from the Price Chopper Markets and Wal-Mart to help refugees experiencing hunger insecurity and to be ready to help during the holiday season, which will be difficult and painful for them.

I want to make sure I have help on hand when it arises.

Many of the refugee families are devout Christians, and Christmas is a big day for them, a time of gifts, celebration, and dance.

They are surrounded with difficulties – the government no longer wishes to help them, many have lost their jobs during the pandemic, some have gotten sick, schools have changed.

These will be dark days for them, I believe we can keep them in warm and healthy food and also help them have as bright a Christmas as possible. Sue Silverstein tells me this will be their hardest time.

I also want to be able to help the three to five of the Mansion aides who have worked so hard all year to keep the residents safe – not one case of coronavirus there – and who are struggling to feed their families and buy their kids some toys for Christmas. There may be more than four or five who need help with gifts.

I am grateful for the score of gift cards that arrived over the past few days.

I hope to have more gift cards on hand, first for hunger, then for Thanksgiving, then for Christmas. We are also planning an Amazon Wish List so the refugee families can buy some Christmas gifts for their children.

The gift cards I have are wonderful, but they won’t last too long. If you wish to help, you can purchase additional gift cards from Wal-Mart or Price Chopper in any amount.

They need to be sent to me, Jon Katz, at 2502 State Route 22, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816. If you don’t wish to shop online, you can send a food donation to me at any time and I will purchase the cards, I’ve got it down. Jon Katz, Hunger Project, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

You can buy Price Chopper Gift Cards here.

You can buy Wal-Mart gift cards here.

Thanks to the good people who have already send me some cards.

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