26 January

Our Home, In The Storm

by Jon Katz

We put up colored lights around Christmas and leave them up until Spring and the days are longer. Our road is dark at night and it is nice to have these bright colors shining through the darkness and the cold.

They speak of hope to me. I looked at that light and thought, “this is hour house, our home.”

Standing by the road, I saw headlights coming up the highway. Country people grow up with snow, and it doesn’t faze them. I see all kinds of cars with no snow tires or four-wheel drive, and when I lived around New York City, I saw all these SUV with expensive snow tires and 4-wheel drive.

I see these cars coming from miles, they kick up the snow and barrel along confidently. Once in a while, they slide off the road, into ditches, or run into poles.

They often make for beautiful and evocative photos.



  1. I love all of your photos this morning, but this one of your lighted-up home in the snow is by far my favorite. I’ve been trying to find the right words to say how good it makes me feel, but am tongue-tied. So I’ll just stop!

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