22 February

Maria’s Wake-UP Squad. I Got Up Just In Time

by Jon Katz

I was worn out yesterday from working out at the gym and major cleaning of our aquarium, so I overslept a bit.

I heard the door to the downstairs open and heard the thundering of feet up the stairs.

I got out of bed quickly and got out of the room just as the wake-up squad was thundering in. They quickly figured out their mistake – Bud noticed it immediately – but I got down the stairs yelling at them to stay, which they did.

I turned a got a photo and then ran down the stairs. These are by now and by far the most popular photos that I publish on the blog and that makes up for the fact that my loyal dogs are betraying me.

The dogs love this new chore, they rush up and down the stairs and onto the bed with great joy and enthusiasm. So does Maria, who may be nice to spiders and plants, but has a wicked streak that is long and wide. She is half sicilian.


  1. Love the way Fate’s blue eye has that “evil” glint! That and her “menacing” stance – watch out, WOLF!!! 😉

  2. I’ve heard of three dog nights but looks like you’ve been having three dog mornings. “This is your wake up call Mr. Katz.”

  3. I have to laugh, especially at Fate and Bud. The slinking look they have remind me of the posture the hyenas had when they were coming after Scar in The Lion King. Of course that’s where the similarity ends, thank goodness!!

  4. We are laughing…a very good way to be before going to sleep. We have our own wske up squad of one. His name is Tommy TC (short for Tom Cat).

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