22 February

Ruth Loves Her Sweatshirt And Sparking Gold Sneakers

by Jon Katz

When I saw these gold sparkling sneakers and the “Love Sweatshirt,” I thought of one Mansion resident I was certain would love both of them: Ruth.

Ruth was in our bingo game before the pandemic and I admire her in many ways, she has never lost her sense of style and her love of being the center of attention.

Less than an hour after I dropped these and three large bags of other clothes off at the Mansion – I scored at Carroll’s Trading Post, there were lovely and almost brand new clothes for the aides and the residents – the Mansion sent me this photo of Ruth for me: “Jon, Thank You And I Love You.”

Back at cha Ruth. We love you too, and thanks for the pose and the photo. You make our work worthwhile. Thanks to the Army Of Good. Once a week, I scour the best consignment shops for special clothes for the Mansion aides and the residents to try to brighten up their very tough year.

Carroll’s Trading Post is a find. Thanks, Bev and Tanya, for helping us brighten these cold and draining days.

Since I can’t get into the Mansion until I’m tested and vaccinated, I can’t take as many photos as I did before. I appreciate getting this one.

The minute I saw these sparking sneakers, I grabbed them off the shelf.

I’m happy to report that the pandemic hasn’t slowed down our support of the Mansion one bit: we supply special meals, air conditioners, humidifiers, stuffed animals, books and movies,  arts and crafts, clothes, shoes, sweaters, blankets, toiletries when needed.

We purchased a $3,000 fogger disinfectant system that has helped keep the Mansion residents as safe as possible. Small donations are as welcome as large ones.

If you wish to support this work of the Army of Good, you can contribute to the Mansion Fund: via Paypal, [email protected]; or Venmo, [email protected] Or by check: Mansion Fund, Jon Katz, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

And thank you.

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