23 February

Wake-Up-Squad: How Dogs Think. Positions.

by Jon Katz

I’ve noticed some interesting things about the wake-up squad of thugs. Maria sics on me in the morning to get me up.

One is that they all jump up and take the same positions every day. Fate is always on the left flank; Bud is always in the middle, Zinnia is always on the right.

I never noticed this before, but that is almost always the positions they take when the three of them are together.

I’ve noticed this also.  Fate and Bud do not jump on me; they circle my head and shower my face with licks. On the other hand, Zinnia loves to walk right up the center of my body and onto my stomach and licks no nose until I yell.

Also, she is the only one who brings me a gift every single morning. When I flee or chase them off the bed, there is always a toy or bone for me. Today it was her Fox doll; she carries it everywhere.

The dogs love this new chore. I can hear them pounding up the stairs, which usually gives me time to jump out of bed. If I’m asleep, it’s a different story; the awakening is rude and swift.


    1. My advice to you, Delilah, is not to read it if you are bored or not amused. I don’t really see it as my job to entertain you. The thing I most love about my blog is that I write what I choose to write and will keep doing so. If that doesn’t work for you, there are 35 million blogs out there, go read one that amuses you more. And good luck.
      p.s. the other thing I love about my blog is that I get to dump on nasty people. It’s for the good of all and fights off tedium.

      1. 👍I enjoyed it. I’m 71 and have five cats now. So many over the years sometimes I miss counting one or two, dogs too.
        They’re always a source of joy in my sometimes very uneventful life.

  1. People were talking last week about Fate’s stance. Has anyone else noticed that Bud is in exactly the same stance? Terriers were, after all, bred to hunt.

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